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A distributed ledger for the Internet of Things

Blockchain for the IoT

Flowchain is the distributed ledger technology for peer-to-peer IoT networks and can ensure real-time IoT data stream transactions.

Tokenized Hardware

The FlowchainCoin (FLC) token is the the digital assets of the Flowchain network and can be used to tokenize IoT device. FLC can protect your IoT data and ensure the data privacy, thus, the Flowchain network can ensure your data trust that would be the originators of the data.

Decentralized Exchange

The tokenized hardware can enable digital assets exchange without any central party.

The Flowchain Framework

WoT application server

W3C's WoT ontology provides a standards-based model to represent a physical device as an application server that comprises a virtual representation of a physical object. The IoT application server might be installed and run on an application processor-based high-performance device or a microcontroller device. In addition to the Node.js JavaScript runtime used for high-performance devices, a JavaScript engine, such as the JerryScrip can be used for IoT resource-constrained devices. We help to develop such solutions from scratch for a range of clients, from startups to enterprise.

Peer-to-peer sensor network

With our solutions that set up a sensor node to gather information and communicate with other nodes requires only a few lines of code. Moreover, to build a peer-to-peer and decentralized sensor network could be also a few lines of code.

Distributed leger technology

We help to employ the IoT dedicated distributed ledger design for peer-to-peer IoT sensor networks and trusted computing. To provide time-series and streaming data capabilities, we propose and employ the virtual mining concept.

Proof-of-stake algorithms

We develop the proof-of-stake algorithms to determine device reliability that ensures the data security. The p2p network validates the minimum resource requirements for a node intending to join the network.

Announcing Tokenized Hardware

02 Feb 2018 / Flowchain and Seeed Studio press Tokenized Hardware position paper, expected to enter an entirely new level of IoT and Blockchain engagement products.

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Understanding the Tokenized Hardware

IoT Blockchain

We provide a generic software framework for tokenized hardware and decentralized IoT applications

Hardware as a Token

We ensure your hardware rights, data privacy, and data security by IoT blockchain and tokens

Assets Exchange

Tokenized hardware can exchange and sell their digital assets without any central exchange

Data Trust

Tokenized hardware can ensure that a data trust would be the originators of the data

The new innovation of the crypto economic

The blockchain technology represents an innovation that enables tokenized hardware technology with notable benefits.

  • Decentralization assets exchange
  • Data trust and privacy
  • Utility tokens to access product service
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Flowchain Hybrid Blockchain to enable
IoT + Blockchain + AI

Flowchain Hybrid Blockchain comprises of private permissioned and public permissionless blockchains to enable the Machine Learning on IoT Blockchain.

Hybrid Consensus

A fast consensus by combining a permissioned BFT consensus with a permissionless blockchain to agree on transactions.

Pseudonymous Authenticate

IoT nodes are pseudonymously authenticated in the private permissioned blockchain to ensure near real-time transactions.

Dextoken, the Decentralized EXchange tokens, for tokenized hardware to exchange digital assets over p2p networks

Flowchain and Seeed Studio press Tokenized Hardware position paper, expected to enter an entirely new level of IoT and Blockchain engagement products.

We already launched the full whitepaper along with the proof-of-concept to the community on June, 2018.

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Flowchain's emerging hybrid blockchain technology allows you to integrate Blockchain into your business and will empower you a new level of blockchain and AI engagement products.

Hybrid Blockchain Machine Learning Hybrid Consensus IoT Blockchain

Hybrid Flowchain comprises of private permissioned and public permissionless blockchains can enable the machine learning on IoT Blockchain with the allowance of multiple organizations to perform collaborative data analytics and machine learning while guaranteeing the data privacy of their datasets.

Flowchain-powered blockchain devices expected to be installed on Raspberry Pi, and ESP8266 hardware with our emerging technologies including Flowchain Ledger, Virtual Blocks, Devify, Mining-based PoS, Hybrid Blockchain, Hybrid Consensus, Pseudonymous Authentication and etc.

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